Svoboda Residence is the flagship project of the developer "Atomstroykompleks" and is located in Yekaterinburg business area. The location, architecture and class of this residential complex certainly influenced the design of the apartment project. In order to emphasize the status of the property, we used noble natural materials in the decoration, such as veneer, stone, and, as a central point, brass. The project features a dominant neutral color scheme, incorporating elements such as parquet, porcelain stoneware, and textiles. These timeless shades are carefully chosen to withstand the test of time, ensuring that they are not influenced by passing trends. At the same time, actual solutions are used against the background of the basic finish – the asymmetry of the shapes of the modular sofa, decorative panels in the bedroom and TV area, and a spectacular metal shelving in the living room. The children's room is made in a pleasant shade of mint green, which is also a universal solution. Therefore, we have successfully crafted a timeless interior design that impeccably combines the functional requirements and aesthetic tastes of a thriving, contemporary family consisting of three individuals.
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