For over a decade, we have been dedicated to creating stunning and practical interiors. Our expertise extends to successfully executing design projects in Dubai as well. We collaborate with highly respected Russian-speaking construction teams and contractors known for their positive reputation in the market. We prepare all the necessary documentation for renovation and repair work in apartments, villas, and office spaces.

An integrated approach to interior design

Design project l Project supervision l Furnishing

An integrated approach to interior design
Chief designer, supervisor and visionary leader. Advanced professional art education. More than 10 years of experience in designing and implementing residential and public spaces. Together with the team of design industry experts she brings to life the dreams of an ideal interior.
Anastasia Chebysheva
Services and prices
Stages of work
We are inspired by your personality, life priorities and hobbies for new ideas in projects. Our main professional interest is to reflect your uniqueness within an ergonomic, functional and aesthetic space. To accomplish this, we collaboratively complete a comprehensive questionnaire and engage in discussions regarding planning and design tasks to prepare the Technical Assignment.
1. Introduction
Based on our experience, we are ready to provide you with complete and honest information on each stage of the design, timing and budget of the project.
2. Situation analysis
We believe that only in an environment of mutual trust and respect are the best creative and logical solutions born. At this stage, we are in the process of developing the most optimal planning solution by creating conceptual collages and photorealistic 3D visualizations. We are preparing a complete set of Working documentation for the construction team.
3. The design process
Our deep conviction is that everyone should do their own thing. If you don't want to spend your time and effort on going to the shops, searching for alternative solutions, and managing deliveries, you can entrust these tasks to us.

We work only with proven partners, we know the possibilities of their production, the range of products and, just like you, we are very interested in the best quality of work.

Thus, we can act as your representative at the construction site. We will work closely with furniture repair and manufacturing professionals to bring your project to life exactly as envisioned in the visualization. And even better.
4. Project supervision and furnishing
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