Soumen Ranta Residential Complex

Modern studio apartment of 30 sq.m. for rent.

In this project, we were faced with the task of making a unified, but at the same time with bright accents, studio for rent.

Thanks to the competent work with the space, we managed to place a full-fledged bed in a small bedroom, a living room with a dining group and a TV area with a workplace. Installing the kitchen in a passageway is a great solution that helps to downplay its utilitarian functionality and avoid drawing unnecessary attention to it.

The neutral grey colour of the walls serves as an excellent background for accents - terracotta decorative plaster at the head of the bed, an emerald-coloured sofa, as well as bright fragments of walls in the TV area and hallway. The interior is complemented by graphic black lines of the interior partition, a track lighting system and black elements in the bathroom and hall.

We believe that the bright, modern, functional interior will not leave anyone indifferent who will stay here.
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